An act of kindness is a form of worship

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An act of kindness is a form of worship


Proverbs 14:31 If you oppress poor people, you insult the God who made them; *but kindness shown to the poor is an act of worship.* 


In scriptures, there is a woman called Naomi, she was married to one man called Elimelech and had two sons. One was called Mahlon and the other Chilion. (Ruth 1:1-14)

This family was living in Bethlehem, but they decided to shift and move to new place called Moab. Her sons got married to the ladies from Moab, *one to a lady called Orpah and the other to Ruth.* 

Unfortunately after living there for a while, Naomi lost both her husband and her sons. She remained only with her two daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth 

When Naomi was now old, there was famine in the land where she was living, but she heard that the land of Bethlehem where she came from was having alot of food.

 So she decided to go back. On the way, She told her daughters in law to go back to their families and get married to other men.

One called Orpah accepted and went back but Naomi refused to go back, she knew her mother in law was weak and nobody would take care of her, so she said 

 *Ruth 1:16 “Don't ask me to leave you! Let me go with you. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. 17 Wherever you die, I will die, and that is where I will be buried. May the Lord's worst punishment come upon me if I let anything but death separate me from you!”* 

18 When Naomi saw that Ruth was determined to go with her, she said nothing else.

On reaching Bethlehem, everybody welcomed Naomi with wonderful words. But if you read through carefully you will not see any of them giving any help except Ruth who kept on running up and down trying to look for what to feed her mother in law on. The people around were only appearing in good moments.

What Ruth did was known every where, and because of that the Lord blessed her and gave her a good man, *she got married to Boaz, who gave birth to a son and name him Obed, Obed gave birth to Jesse and Jesse gave birth to David, and it's David's family line that Jesus came from.* The Lord knows how to reward a kind heart. πŸ‘

Who could have seen this coming in the life of Ruth. Everybody knew Ruth was going to die a childless widow, who lived in constant poverty and confusion. But God is wise.

*Ruth didn't speak in tongues, neither did she went for deliverance but the Lord saw the act of kindness in her and blessed her abundantly.

The same thing happened to the midwives in Egypt, during the time of Pharaoh, he gave an order that when the midwives are helping the Israelite women give birth, they should be killing all the male children and living the girls to live.

Exodus 1: 17 But the midwives were God-fearing and so did not obey the king; instead, they let the boys live . 18 So the king sent for the midwives and asked them, “Why are you doing this? Why are you letting the boys live?”

19 They answered, “The Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women; they give birth easily, and their babies are born before either of us gets there.”  πŸ˜…

²¹ Because the midwives were God-fearing, God was good to them and gave them families of their own.  And the Israelites continued to increase and become strong.

That was an act of Kindness, and because of that, *God gave them there own families,* they didn't go for prayer mountain, God just saw what they did and He blessed them abundantly.


When you decide to do an act of kindness, you are worshipping God in it. God bless you.


Father, I thank you for your wonderful work of kindness in my life, family, friends and everyone around the world. May you help us extend this kind of kindness to all those in need at the right time that they may praise your holy name forever. Thank you Jesus 

Still remain your friend

Otim Brian Sundison

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